Student Membership Benefits

  • For current students enrolled in related studies.
  • Dues: $30.00 per year.

To join NCATA as a student member, you must provide documentation in English proving that you are either:

  • a graduate or undergraduate college or university student, currently enrolled full-time in any program, or…
  • part-time student, enrolled in a translation or interpreting related program, including foreign language study.


  • Student membership is only offered for a limited period of time, which matches the length of the program. For example, if you graduate in 09/2016, your student membership will expire at the end of the membership year on 12/31/2016.
  • Student members are not eligible to list their services in the Directory of Translation and Interpreting Services.
  • English documentation includes valid student ID or proof of enrollment.


  • Discounts for Events and Workshops
  • Access to Special Events
  • Use of NCATA logs